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Thai chat

However, some males compensate by posting repeated messages, which ultimately garner them a desired female response.These findings suggest that females exercise interactional control in the Thai chat room, choosing with whom to speak, and according less attention to male than to female interlocutors, while males must exert effort not to be ignored.Doctoral candidate in Linguistics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. in English (Second Class Honors) from Bangkok University and a Master's degree in Educational Linguistics from Srinakharinwirot University.Her dissertation, entitled “Coherence of Interactions in a Thai Chatroom: Interplay of Cohesion, Turn-Allocation, and Relevance,” focuses on interactional coherence in computer-mediated chat. This paper analyzes gender in relation to turn allocation in a popular Thai chat room on the World Wide Web.If no one self-selects, the current speaker may continue speaking (Strategy C). (1974) order the three strategies, noting that A is preferred over B and B over C.In chat rooms, in contrast, gaze or gesture cannot be used to select the next speaker as in a face-to-face conversation.

This is followed by a review of literature on gender and computer-mediated discourse and gender roles in Thai culture.

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However, females use Strategy A more than males, and they are more likely to select other females to take the next turn.

Perhaps for this reason, males use Strategy B, the next speaker self-selects, and Strategy C, the current speaker continues, more than females.

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To address these questions, we conducted an investigation of the effects of gender on turn allocation in the chat room.